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Welcome to the Lightning!
The Carolina Lightning is a boys and girls hockey program based in Raleigh, North Carolina.   The Lightning organization believes in developing young people’s hockey skills through a positive, educational and safe environment. 

For information about joining the Lightning program, please email Don Schaap ( ).
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Get your Lightning Spirit Wear for Holiday + CLH On-line Store
Hello Carolina Lightning Families, It is time to order Carolina...
Lynch Creek Farms - Lightning Fundraiser
Season Greetings Lightning Families, This holiday season the...
Banners, Player Pictures, and Concussion Testing Update
Email Don sent out organization wide on 11/9: Folks, First...
Win-Win-Win Equipment Drive
Last year the Carolina Lightning family collected a huge truckload...
Lightning Exchange Open--Got Stuff?
Updated 6/12:  Several families have posted pictures of free...
PO Box - Payment Address Reminder
Reminder that ALL payments are to be written to Carolina Lightning...
Get your Lightning Spirit Wear for Holiday + CLH On-line Store

Hello Carolina Lightning Families,

It is time to order Carolina Lightning "Spirit Wear" for your holiday gifts - those t-shirts, hoodies, caps, jackets, coffee cups, etc. that let YOU and your extended family show your spirit at all of our practices and games!  

We are excited to again offer a wide variety of options, including LOTS of pink options for all our Girls Teams and Lightning moms, sisters, grandmoms!

And an early Christmas present for everyone is that the … The online store is open!  Yes, we have put final pieces into place for online transactions and you can now make purchases with your visa, mastercard or even with a bank drafts. 

To access the store:

  • Click on the CLH OnLine store link.
  • Enter in password of “Hockey!”.Note this site is restricted to CLH families.
  • Shopping is similar to other online stores with carts, checkout, etc. 

The Online store for apparel orders will be open through 12/1. This will allow time for order to be placed and items returned in time for Christmas wrapping. 


by posted 11/23/2014
Lynch Creek Farms - Lightning Fundraiser

Season Greetings Lightning Families,

This holiday season the Lightning will be running a Holiday Fundraiser with Lynch Creek Farms. 

Lynch Creek handcrafts beautiful fresh wreaths, centerpieces and other beautiful holiday items for you & everyone on your gift list.  

This is an online fundraiser.  No door to door selling, no paperwork & no collecting payments. Just a click to order and that's it. The lightning will receive 20% of all sales.   All items are shipped FREE right to your door.  There is also a flat donation tab for those who might not want to purchase anything but still wants to support the lightning. 

Here is how to get started

  1. Click on our fundraising page or following the sponsor link on the CLH home page.
  2. All teams and players are loaded.  "View All" to scroll through teams and find your player and click on their name to set up your own account.  
  3. Once you set up your account you will have the ability to share your child's unique link via email and social media to friends and family. Any money raised will show up under your child's name.  
  4. Setting up an account linking to your player is optional.  You can also just start shopping under the "Go Shopping" Tab and utilize the sharing links on the right also. 

That's it!  Easy!  

Lynch Creek Farms has wonderful customer service so if you need to ask a question they have a live chat tab or call them.  They are there to help us is any way!

Our fundraiser will run through December 14th.  So get a head start on your holiday shopping and support the Lightning!

Thank you!  Happy Fundraising!

Jen Saad

by posted 11/16/2014
Banners, Player Pictures, and Concussion Testing Update

Email Don sent out organization wide on 11/9:


First let me say thank you for all your cards, calls and emails. I am doing fine and well on the road to recovery. It will be a couple more weeks before I get back to the rink and I look forward to that and seeing everyone.

A few items of business and updates;

SPONSORSHIPS - The Lightning has been preparing a large sponsorship banner that RCI has kindly agreed to hang in a prominent location at RCI in support of our kids. Sponsorships are $250 each and we hope to complete this process by the end of NOV so we can hang it in DEC. Please do what you can do to secure one or more sponsorships for our banner and support the Lightning organization. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Mr. Barry Woodard of the Lightning Peewee B team directly. Thanks!

PLAYER & TEAM PICTURES - Player and team picture information and schedules will be forthcoming. We have reached out to a few folks to coordinate this effort and I am just waiting on confirmation from one of those people. As soon as I hear back, more information will follow shortly.

CONCUSSION BASELINE TESTING - For those of you whose son/daughter still have not completed their concussion baselines testing, please respond immediately to Derek Schaap at . The folks at Raleigh Neurology and Carolina Family Practice and Sports Medicine need to know how many are still left to test to determine if we schedule one (1) more test session at St. Augustine's OR individuals schedule directly with them on a one-on-one basis. Thanks.

SCHEDULING - The Lightning is still working on finalizing season schedules for a few teams. It has not been easy, and we encourage all parents to provide any suggestions to help us complete this task.

JERSEYS, SOCKS, WARMUPS, APPAREL - Jerseys, socks, warmups and apparel have all been sized, ordered and distributed. IF there are any jersey, socks, warmups and/or apparel issues, please let me know directly so we can get any outstanding issue resolved.

Finally, there are still a few parents that have not fully paid their Lightning balances for the 2014-15 season. The Lightning's policy, and my understanding and agreement with everyone was that balances would be fully paid by 01SEP14. They are not and in the coming days, I will unfortunately be sending out notices of players who will no longer be allowed to participate in anything "Lightning" until such time as I receive an confirmation from our independent accounting firm. You all should have received prior statements from Langworthy Consulting. Please call Cathy at Langworthy Consulting and confirm your $0.00 balance.

Thanks and again, I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Regards, Don


by posted 11/12/2014
Win-Win-Win Equipment Drive

Last year the Carolina Lightning family collected a huge truckload (literally) of used hockey gear and donated it to military families at Ft Bragg. 

This year we would like to continue this tradition with a win-win-win twist.

Win#1: We are collecting equipment for the “Try Hockey for Free” event on November 8th.  Most critical need for this event are sticks and gloves.  RCI will be providing skates.  See the Try Hockey for Free bulletin for details on this event. 

Win#2: the gear will then be used for the seven week Learn2Play program to help keep introductory costs down.  See the Learn2Play bulletin for details on this program.

Win#3: the gear will then be donated to our Military Families for use in their winter programs. See the Support the Troops, Support their Kids and Support Hockey page for more details.  

There are already collection boxes at RCI, please bring in your used and preferable clean equipment for these worthy causes.


by posted 10/27/2014
Lightning Exchange Open--Got Stuff?

Updated 6/12:  Several families have posted pictures of free gear - check out the exchange!!

~ ~ ~

Carolina Lightning is opening up the website exchange feature on the website for sale or donation of sporting goods (not just hockey), household items, etc.
To add an item select the "Exch\Sale Items" button in the left navigation bar.  From this page, click the “Add New Item” under the exchange banner.  Fill out the form with item details, asking price and contract information.  You may also add a picture.  Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email with a key number to confirm the listing.  Follow the directions in that email to confirm your listing. 
Some notes:


  • Please keep content appropriate for all our families.

  • Only Lightning families can post items, but the public can view the exchange.

  • To make a change or delete the item after it's sold, click the Edit- or Delete - buttons that will appear next to your item.

  • I have posted one item as placeholder.  


by posted 03/24/2014
PO Box - Payment Address Reminder

Reminder that ALL payments are to be written to Carolina Lightning Hockey and mailed to:

PO Box 600033
Raleigh NC 27675-6033.

Please do not hand checks and/or cash to anyone anymore as this is difficult to track.  Exception to this is water bottles, mugs, magnets, etc. that we are selling at the rink.  

Thank you.



by posted 08/13/2013
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