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Welcome to the Lightning!
The Carolina Lightning is a boys and girls hockey program based in Raleigh, North Carolina.   The Lightning organization believes in developing young people’s hockey skills through a positive, educational and safe environment. 

For information about joining the Lightning program, please email Don Schaap ( ).
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Concussion Baseline Testing - 10/4
Folks, Hope you are all well. FYI - Carolina Lightning Hockey...
2nd Annual Girls Try Hockey for FREE Day
Lightning Families, The Lightning Girls Program is excited to...
Carolina Lightning "Spirit Wear"
Updated 9/29, emailed 9/26: Hello Lightning Families, Many...
The Hockey Mommy - September offerings
All - Here is the September flyer for The Hockey Mommy, one of...
Organization wide email (scheduling update and team building)
Folks, The Lightning season schedule (to date) will be uploaded...
Girls Try Hockey-We Love Our Sponsors
We have two sponsors for the Girls Play Hockey event!  Please...
World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend-Sign Up Open!
Updated 9/11: Sign up is now open for the Girls Try Hockey for...
The Hockey Mommy Fundraising Opportunity
Carolina Lightning is proud to announce this fundraising opportunity...
Lightning Exchange Open--Got Stuff?
Updated 6/12:  Several families have posted pictures of free...
Carolina Lightning Sponsorship Program
Lightning Parents and Potential Sponsors, Carolina Lightning...
New PO Box - Payment Address Reminder
Reminder that ALL payments are to be written to Carolina Lightning...
Concussion Baseline Testing - 10/4


Hope you are all well.

FYI - Carolina Lightning Hockey requires all of our athletes to be concussion baseline tested.

Hockey is a physical sport and with the recent advances in concussion research and diagnosis, there is no reason not to have athletes baseline established, so that if there is a concussion injury, correct treatment can be implemented and a full and proper recovery can occur.

Last season, in conjunction with Raleigh Neurology, Carolina Family Practice and St. Augustine's College, Carolina Lightning Hockey scheduled concussion baseline testing and became the only youth hockey association on the US East Coast to have 100% of it's athletes with an established concussion baseline.

In addition, Carolina Lightning Hockey athletes worked hand-in-hand last season with Dr. Jason Mihalik, Co-Director of the Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center at UNC Chapel Hill and his research team, who implanted sensors in player helmets and gathered data for further study.

If your son/daughter is new to the Lightning and has not had a concussion baseline established, please notify Derek Schaap immediately at .

Currently, baseline testing is scheduled for SATURDAY 04 OCT 14 on the campus of St. Augustine's College in Raleigh. There is no cost to parents and the testing will take approximately 30-40 minutes. There will be several sessions scheduled during the day and once we know the exact numbers who need to be tested, we will provide a detailed schedule with times and directions to the St. Aug's facility.

Thanks for your cooperation. Please respond immediately.



by posted 09/29/2014
2nd Annual Girls Try Hockey for FREE Day

Lightning Families,

The Lightning Girls Program is excited to host our 2nd annual Girls Try Hockey for FREE Day on Saturday October 11th from 10:20 am - 11:50 am at RCI

This for girls of all ages. This is a very important event for our Girls Program; to introduce hockey to new girls and help grow our Lightning Girls Program. Come out and try hockey for free and meet new friends!

We need the entire Lightning family to help get the word out for this event.  

Here is how you can help;

  • Bring a friend: If you have a daughter already on a girls team we strongly encourage them to attend and bring all the friends they can round up!  
  • Spread the word: To friends, family and neighbors that have daughters that might be interested in trying hockey.  
  • Follow & Share on Social Media:
    • Follow the Lightning Girls on Facebook, and share our event on your Facebook timeline. View the event on Facebook.
    • Follow Lightning Girls on Twitter and retweet our event to your followers; use this "Tweet" if you'd like: Girls! Ever wanted to try hockey? Try hockey free day is Oct 11th at @RalCenterIce  Register here: http://bit.ly/CLH-Girls-Try-Hockey #GirlsHockey 

ALL girls (including current Lightning girls) need to register for event at




PDQ on Falls of Neuse is providing box lunches



FISCHER HOCKEY - All Lightning girls that bring a friend are entered to win a new Stick from Fischer


Thank you for supporting Girls Hockey!

Jen Saad


by posted 09/29/2014
Carolina Lightning "Spirit Wear"

Updated 9/29, emailed 9/26:

Hello Lightning Families,

Many of you e-mailed after receiving the Color Brochure on asking where the prices were listed.  The Order Form/Price List was sent in a separate e-mail (the website will not let me send multiple attachments or they might simple be too big to send together) so the Color Brochure was attached to one e-mail and the Order Form/Price List was in another.

I am re-sending the Order Form/Price List because there was an error on the price sheet we received from the vendor, this has now been corrected.  The corrected Order Form/Price List is here.

As of tonight, there is an  orange plastic bin  at RCI on Coach Cindy Murphy's desk, where you can drop off your order form and attached check.

There is also a copy of the printed Color Brochure at the front desk and a stack of printed order forms, in case anyone gets to the rink next week close to the deadline and has forgotten their order forms.  PLEASE LEAVE THE COLOR BROCHURE AT THE FRONT DESK, IT IS THERE FOR EVERYONE TO USE!

As always, do not hesitate to contact either: 

Malinda Sink - 919-522-2276  

Donna Lamm - 919-612-5099   

 ~ ~ ~

(posted 9/24)

Hello Carolina Lightning Families,

It is time to order Carolina Lightning "Spirit Wear", those t-shirts, hoodies, caps, jackets, etc. that let YOU show your spirit at all of our practices and games!  We are excited to offer a wide variety of options this year, including LOTS of pink options for all our Girls Teams and Lightning moms, sisters, grandmoms!

In order to keep costs down we will only be offering Lighting Spirit Wear twice this season...this first initial order and one more in late November for Holiday gifts...so order now in order to be ready as we start league play in the next several weeks!

Two things to note:

1. All checks should be made out to CAROLINA LIGHTNING HOCKEY and orders will be submitted with CHECKS ONLY, no cash or credit cards.

2. ALL orders must be in the "mailbox" in the RCI Office by 9pm on October 1st...NO EXCEPTIONS, this is hard deadline.  We want to get our spirit wear in ASAP, so we can all show our Lightning Pride when league games begin in several weeks.  We are asking our spirit wear vendor for a quick turn around on this order. (The order brochure is here-warning this is a 10 mg file, the order form is here).

A special "shout out" to Donna Lamm who created our new Apparel Order Form!

 As always, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me with questions,

 Malinda Sink

919-522-2276 – cell

Donna Lamm - donnalamm@gpsmobilesolutions.com

by posted 09/24/2014
The Hockey Mommy - September offerings

All -

Here is the September flyer for The Hockey Mommy, one of our fundraisers.  Remember that all proceeds go into the  Willie Lubbers Memorial Scholarship Fund. 


by posted 09/21/2014
Organization wide email (scheduling update and team building)


The Lightning season schedule (to date) will be uploaded onto the Lightning website by tonight. I know that a few people have already voiced concern that the total number of practices and/or games is not what the program included.

Please understand that Coach Cindy Murphy is the new Lightning Scheduler and has been working the email and phones very hard to schedule games and tournaments for all of the teams. What is loaded onto the website is not 100% complete yet, with the last month or so (FEB/MAR 2015) still to be finalized. Teams will get the practices, games and tournament that was included in the program. We ask for your patience. Most of the time, it is not the Lightning dragging their feet but other organizations not being able to commit.

Cindy understands that everyone would like to have the 100% locked and loaded final schedule. She is working diligently to that end for all teams.

Our Team Building Day is happening SAT 27SEP14 at Benson Park in Garner. Players and coaches are asked to wear running shoes, athletic shorts and tshirts and sweatshirts (weather permitting).

The boys events will begin at 9am, with players first getting their Lightning Team Building t-shirts (which all players need to wear). There is a nice mile running path around the park which each team will do together on a staggered start (so we don't scare the public). This will be followed by a 30-minute coaches corner where teams will huddle up independently and learn more about their coaches and team members (school, siblings, hobbies, travel, aspirations, etc).

Coaches corner will be followed by tug-of-war, sack races, ring races and other events. Following the events, lunch will be catered by Chik-Fil-A and then the boys are free to leave.

The girls will join the whole group for lunch at 11-11:30am and at 12:30pm, the Girls Team Building will begin. It is similar in format to the boys events and will end at 2:30-3pm.

We are in need of 6 heavy ropes (50 feet or longer), 12 burlap sacks, and 4 dozen eggs. If you can loan/donate these items for our Team Building Day, please contact me directly and immediately.

Thanks to those that stepped up and volunteered. I will be in touch with you in the coming days.

Thank you for being understanding about the schedule and we look forward to seeing everyone SAT 27SEP14 at Benson Park, rain or shine.



by posted 09/19/2014
Girls Try Hockey-We Love Our Sponsors

We have two sponsors for the Girls Play Hockey event!  Please patronize these fantastic businesses and don't forget to sign-up.

by posted 09/12/2014
World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend-Sign Up Open!

Updated 9/11:

Sign up is now open for the Girls Try Hockey for Free event on 10/11.  Select the "Girls Try Hockey" in the left navigation bar and join the fun!!!

Lightning member please help spread the word on this event:  bring your sister, neighbor, girl scout troop!

~ ~ ~

The World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend is a GLOBAL opportunity for girls to try out hockey as a new sport. Thousands of participants took part in 2011, 2012 and 2013 events sponsored by the International Ice Hockey Federation and USA Hockey.  October 11 and 12 has been set as the weekend for 2014.

Join Carolina Lightning Hockey on Saturday October 11, 2014 from 10:20 - 11:50 am for our Girls Play Hockey event. 

by posted 09/09/2014
The Hockey Mommy Fundraising Opportunity

Carolina Lightning is proud to announce this fundraising opportunity with The Hockey Mommy.  

CLH and Hockey Mommy

Proceeds from this season-long fundraiser go towards our scholarship fund.

by posted 09/04/2014
Lightning Exchange Open--Got Stuff?

Updated 6/12:  Several families have posted pictures of free gear - check out the exchange!!

~ ~ ~

Carolina Lightning is opening up the website exchange feature on the website for sale or donation of sporting goods (not just hockey), household items, etc.
To add an item select the "Exch\Sale Items" button in the left navigation bar.  From this page, click the “Add New Item” under the exchange banner.  Fill out the form with item details, asking price and contract information.  You may also add a picture.  Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email with a key number to confirm the listing.  Follow the directions in that email to confirm your listing. 
Some notes:


  • Please keep content appropriate for all our families.

  • Only Lightning families can post items, but the public can view the exchange.

  • To make a change or delete the item after it's sold, click the Edit- or Delete - buttons that will appear next to your item.

  • I have posted one item as placeholder.  


by posted 03/24/2014
Carolina Lightning Sponsorship Program

Lightning Parents and Potential Sponsors,

Carolina Lightning Hockey's Sponsorship Program has been developed to support the growth of, and to benefit the entire Lightning organization.
We have multiple levels of sponsorship support embedded into our program, to facilitate those sponsoring the Lightning (you as a business or parent), directed to individual teams, and/or large organizational/corporate sponsorships to support the organization as a whole. Either way, Lightning sponsorships will benefit your child in some form or fashion.
Participation is entirely voluntary but very much appreciated. This is a great opportunity to highlight your business on Lightning jerseys at games and tournaments. Please review the Sponsorship Program details on the Lightning website Documents page at

Additionally, if you have the professional skill to help guide/run this effort and represent the Lightning organization in support of obtaining corporate sponsors , it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me to get involved.

On behalf of all our great kids, and the entire Lightning organization, thank you for your consideration and support.
Don Schaap


by posted 08/27/2013
New PO Box - Payment Address Reminder
Reminder that ALL payments are to be written to Carolina Lightning Hockey and mailed to:

PO Box 600033
Raleigh NC 27675-6033.

Please do not hand checks and/or cash to anyone anymore as this is difficult to track.  Exception to this is water bottles, mugs, magnets, etc. that we are selling at the rink.  

Thank you.

by posted 08/13/2013
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