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Welcome to the Lightning!
The Carolina Lightning is a boys and girls hockey program based in Raleigh, North Carolina.   The Lightning organization believes in developing young people’s hockey skills through a positive, educational and safe environment. 

For information about joining the Lightning program, please email Don Schaap ( ).
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Try Hockey for Free---> Spread the Word
  ~ ~ ~ Lightning families, spread the word to share the...
The Hockey Mommy - October Offering
The Hockey Mommy offering for October: 
Carolina Lightning-Learn2Play Hockey
Spread the word and share this fantastic sport...on November...
CLH Spirit Wear Shipment Is In!
The first shipment of the Carolina Lightning apparel is in, please...
2d Annual Girls Try Hockey Free Results
Update from the 2d Annual Girls Try Hockey Event Coordinator: We...
CLH Sponsorship Information-Updated 10/14
All,   Please see the attached Carolina Lightning Hockey...
2014 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Challenge
(10/7 update:  email sent to Lightning Managers to communicate...
Lightning Exchange Open--Got Stuff?
Updated 6/12:  Several families have posted pictures of free...
PO Box - Payment Address Reminder
Reminder that ALL payments are to be written to Carolina Lightning...
Try Hockey for Free---> Spread the Word


~ ~ ~ Lightning families, spread the word to share the great game on earth. ~ ~ ~

Carolina Lightning and Raleigh Center Ice will host our Third Annual Try Hockey For Free event. On November 8th, USA Hockey and nearly 500 local associations across the country will encourage boys and girls, ages 4 to 9, to try youth hockey as part of Come Play Hockey Month. 

New this year - participants of this event will receive a coupon that waives the USA Hockey membership for the first year ($46 value).

How to register for this event:

1. Go to http://www.tryhockeyforfree.com/ on the USA Hockey website.

2.  Enter in your zip code or RCI’s zip code (27608) and search.

3.  Select the RCI pin on map

4.  Select the “Event Details” button next to Raleigh Center Ice

5.  Select the “Register Now” button and follow the registration steps.


by posted 10/22/2014
The Hockey Mommy - October Offering

The Hockey Mommy offering for October: 

by posted 10/21/2014
Carolina Lightning-Learn2Play Hockey

Spread the word and share this fantastic sport...on

November 9th Carolina Lightning is starting seven week Learn2Play Hockey program.


Ice Time


9:00 am – 10:00 am


10:40 am – 11:40 am


9:00 am – 10:00 am


9:00 am – 10:00 am


9:00 am – 10:00 am


9:10 am – 10:10 am


7:30 am –  8:30 am

7 weeks for $95

For more information contact Cindy Murphy at

by posted 10/20/2014
CLH Spirit Wear Shipment Is In!

The first shipment of the Carolina Lightning apparel is in, please see your team manager for your personal items.  

As always, do not hesitate to contact either: 

Malinda Sink - 919-522-2276  

Donna Lamm - 919-612-5099   

Lets flood the rinks with black and gold!

by posted 10/20/2014
2d Annual Girls Try Hockey Free Results

Update from the 2d Annual Girls Try Hockey Event Coordinator:

We had 28 new girls join us and 20 Lightning girls on the ice volunteering. We also had two ladies from the Carolina Aces (Div B Women's travel team) join us as well.

Thank you to our Lightning Coaches Mike Saad, Steve Burke,  Holly Lorms and Randi  Griffin for coming out to help!

  • Our sponsor PDQ on Falls of Neuse was a total hit. They supplied us with 100 amazing box lunches!

  • Fischer Hockey donated two sticks that have been raffled off to the Lightning volunteers:the winners were Aleia Angle from U14 and Madison Gleason also from U14. Congrats to them.

  • We also had a contest for the team that referred the most friends.The U12 Girls won a team party at PDQ! Congrats to them!

Another special thanks to the Hanyok family for donating water bottles for the goody bags and to the Woodward family for donating bottled water for the event.  Don also arrived with lots of lightning stuff for our goody bags which was great!

I am also very appreciative of the extra help from Mike Gregory and Cindy Jacobson for helping out that day!

So it was all good! Lots of work but all worth it!

Thx a bunch!


by Marcella (posted for Jen Saad) posted 10/16/2014
CLH Sponsorship Information-Updated 10/14



Please see the attached Carolina Lightning Hockey Sponsorship Info flyer.

Carolina Lightning Hockey, through our Willie Lubbers Memorial Fund would like to ask for your support in securing pledges to help those in need within the Lightning family.

Barry Woodard, Jen Saad and Keith Gleason have generously stepped up to form the Lightning Sponsorship Committee and I am glad to say that the Lightning has already secured a few sponsorships in the short time we have been procuring  financial support.

Please share this with friends, family, and acquaintances at work who may consider a sponsor. Please help us reach our goal of $10,000.00


We are in process of designing logo patches for the jerseys  which will be approximately 5” in size and full color. They will be located on the back neck area of jerseys. The side arm will show the 3" shoulder logo and helmets will have two (2) 2-3” logos on both sides of the helmet.

You are all very capable and qualified and have come highly recommended for this project, and your kids, ... our kids, thank you in advance for your willingness and efforts!


Our goal is to collect teams jersey’s on a specific scheduled Monday and have them back to each player by the following Friday before weekend games.We will coordinate and make sure that it is easy to drop off and pick up.

We will update and keep you posted as we move forward with donations/sponsors.

If you have any questions, please contact Barry Woodard, Jen Saad and/or Keith Gleason.


Many thanks!


~ ~ ~

Update 10/11: 

Please see the Lightning Sponsorship flyer that we would ask you send out to your players and parents just as quickly as possible.

Please be on the lookout for any potential opportunities and checks. The Lightning requests that checks be mailed to the PO Box rather than checks being handed to people, then handed to somebody else, etc.

If you or a potential sponsor has any questions, please contact Mr. Barry Woodard. Barry has graciously stepped in and is leading this effort. He has been copied on this email.

Thanks for all your support of our kids.


by posted 10/11/2014
2014 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Challenge

(10/7 update:  email sent to Lightning Managers to communicate challenge to their teams)

Hello Lightning Family,

My name is Donna Lamm and our son, Holden is on the Lightning U16A team.  As most of you know, Holden was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) in April 2008. (To read Holden's story or donate now please go to this link).

The Carolina Lightning organization and Don have graciously made JDRF one of the fundraising/community service projects they support.  Over the last two years, our teams raised almost $5000 on a hockey weekend goal challenge.  This year we are going to do a similar challenge within the organization. 



Basically, this is our challenge to all our parents:  We challenge each parent to donate $2 per goal that your team makes over a given weekend.  (Dates are listed below.)  So, if your team scores 10 goals in the games of your assigned weekend…you donate $20.  Please share this with the kids.  They get excited about the challenge…and get very excited when they score a goal!!!

We are very grateful to Don, The Lightning Organization and all of you for your support of Holden and our family, our Holden’s Heroes team and JDRF!  Together, we will find a CURE!!!

Your weekend/game date:



Oct 11 - 12           


Oct 18 - 19

Bantam B

Oct 25 - 26

Girls:  U10, U14 and U17

Boys: Squirt A, all three PeeWee teams, Bantam A, U16A, and U16AA

Nov 1 - 2

Girls U12


***If you would like to purchase a Holden’s Heroes t-shirt please email me the number of shirts, sizes and whether you would like short sleeve or long sleeve.  The shirts are $15 for short sleeve and $20 for long sleeve.  $10 of every shirt goes to JDRF.

Thank you for your support!

by posted 10/07/2014
Lightning Exchange Open--Got Stuff?

Updated 6/12:  Several families have posted pictures of free gear - check out the exchange!!

~ ~ ~

Carolina Lightning is opening up the website exchange feature on the website for sale or donation of sporting goods (not just hockey), household items, etc.
To add an item select the "Exch\Sale Items" button in the left navigation bar.  From this page, click the “Add New Item” under the exchange banner.  Fill out the form with item details, asking price and contract information.  You may also add a picture.  Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email with a key number to confirm the listing.  Follow the directions in that email to confirm your listing. 
Some notes:


  • Please keep content appropriate for all our families.

  • Only Lightning families can post items, but the public can view the exchange.

  • To make a change or delete the item after it's sold, click the Edit- or Delete - buttons that will appear next to your item.

  • I have posted one item as placeholder.  


by posted 03/24/2014
PO Box - Payment Address Reminder

Reminder that ALL payments are to be written to Carolina Lightning Hockey and mailed to:

PO Box 600033
Raleigh NC 27675-6033.

Please do not hand checks and/or cash to anyone anymore as this is difficult to track.  Exception to this is water bottles, mugs, magnets, etc. that we are selling at the rink.  

Thank you.

by posted 08/13/2013
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